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I recently got a system similar to this:


Mine has a 1000 mW Tx that looks exactly the same as the 1500 mW unit in the link.

I'd like to upgrade the Rx antenna with something like this: B)


When I started doing the research, I noticed that the connector on the L-com patch antenna is SMA (implying 50 Ohm impedance?).

The specifications for this antenna indicates that it is good for video though.

The antenna connector on the Rx is Type F (implying 75 Ohm impedance?).

So it seems there is a mismatch here.

Probably my limited knowledge of this subject is to blame. :huh:

My understanding is that video gear uses 75 Ohm?

I also noticed on my 900 MHz Rx (Racewood) the antenna connector is SMA.

This confuses me more.

Anybody able to clarify this for me?



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The F-connectors are not good choices for 1.2GHz, but you will find them on low cost A/V systems because of the savings to the mfg.

The satellite tuner modules found inside the 900-1.3GHz receivers typically have 75 ohm RF inputs, even when a SMA has been used. So, either way you end up with a 50ohm/75ohm situation. The minor mismatch is actually nothing serious to be concerned about. So, go ahead and use an RF adapter to convert the F-connector to SMA.

Honestly, I'd recommend you rescale the GP Patch for use on your frequency. It works great. After all, you're on a DiY site, where building things is king.

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