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Hyperlink patch question

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I took apart one of the popular Hyperlink 2.4, 8dbi patch antennas to see if the elements (without the case) would

fit into my own project enclosure, and to also swap the coax pigtail to a direct pcb SMA connection.

I noticed that the driven element is dead shorted (intentionally) to the ground plane via a single

trace that connects to a plated thru hole on the metalized pcb ground plane. These are air dielectric

designs, very similar to the RC-Cam project "GP Patch", except with a larger spacing between elements.

How can it work with the elements shorted together?



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Short answer:

Since you have the cover off, how about posting some photos of what is inside?

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Yes, DC is intuitive, RF is whacky.

Anyway, the antenna works great.

Here's a look at what's inside the box.....

The top view shows the basic configuration. The ground plane consists of a pcb that is fully

plated on the bottom side.


The bottom is self explanatory. This board measures 3" square. A plastic post passes through the large

center hole, which also captures the driven element and holds it fixed.


The element spacing is approx. 15mm, or 1/8th wave at 2.44 (I think that's right?)


This view shows the grounding trace that connects to "ground" via a plated thru hole.


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The air dielectric spacing is much bigger than I would ever expect. Thanks for posting the photos.

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