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Brand new - flying without training wings.

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First off, Hello.

Alright I've done some research and I know this may not be the best "First Flight" attempts, but I find my life is much easier and I learn quicker if I just jump into it without prior practice (unless it's music.... but that's a whole nother load of fish)

So.... I wanna fly. Not only do I wanna fly, I wanna use a cam with decent range to record the flight - in Real Time if possible. Have plans for First Person Flight style stuff.

Some info:

I am 25

This will probably be my only purchase in the RC control world

I would prefer a 'copter so I can do some hover flight and get through some tight spaces around my home.

I have some money to spend,but this doesn't mean drain my bank. Prefer suggesting "high grade" and then possible "this will do if you are pushing budget" responces.

So... which model to get of copter first. Big fights have been started on the Gas vs. Electric, if this comes into play here's my stand - Electric - unless your talkin a Diesel gas - because I can make my own diesel fuel for less.

A more quiet flight is preferred, but not required. (not that I expect to record audio- but it would sort of help in the stealth flights)

Flight time doesn't matter so much, as long as it's predictable "you have 30 minutes until you crash---alright, 13 minute flight out, 13 minute flight back it is." This can be 30 minutes, 10 minutes or whatever, it's going to be reletivly short-range 'recon' for fun - but I plan to go high (which is why the cam range needs to be high)

If the camera can function as multi-purpose that is even better- like modifying for WebCam and other live recording. (when the 'copter is at rest, the cam can be put to other uses)

So please.. give some points (but leave the "you should buy a smaller kit first, then work up" replies out please...) and let's see if we can come up with a vehicle and camera for me to get going on.

Mission - To survey some neighborhood trouble starters and get some video proof of the actions. (Since the acts are committed in plain view just in remote locations this doesn't violate any laws - Recording Public Places is permitted as long as they are not "private" areas - such as changing rooms bathrooms and persons' homes)

+ I think it would be a lot of fun and help me learn a bit about electronics, aviation, and balance.

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I find my life is much easier and I learn quicker if I just jump into it without prior practice


Well... I think the same way, but that's definitely not one that works well with an RC heli (skipping toy ones of course).

(but leave the "you should buy a smaller kit first, then work up" replies out please...)

Well, sorry, but unless you're ready and willing to wreck $2000 worth of gear in 10 seconds, taking time and working progressively (can be on the same machine, but adding the equipment by steps) is the only sensible advice to give.

For now, get yourself a simulator, practice, practice more, do some training with another pilot on a real one, then get a 500 size or bigger heli and get it to fly correctly without putting any video gear (adjustments need some good understanding of the workings, and time). Then get to the substance. And plan on 10-15min total flight time unless you have a light camera and load the heli with tons of batteries.

Helis do not forgive anything, the slightest error will cost you hundreds of $, some downtime while replacement parts arrive, and a whole day of repairs. So, think twice before doing anything.

Or, get yourself a quadrocopter, so you can forget about most of the difficulties and fragility.

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... get a 500 size or bigger heli and get it to fly correctly without putting any video gear ...

I second that recommendation. Don't mount any video gear until you can comfortably hover and fly a circuit. Most new heli pilots I knew took at least one flying season (and sometimes more) with serious weekly practice to get to that point. And many had credit cards that took a horrible beating in the process.

Honestly, model helicopters are very difficult. Here's something to help share that point: visit the local hobby shop and spend ten minutes on the cool R/C flight simulator sitting on the counter. Keep in mind that it will be 10X easier than the real thing due to the minimal stress levels. See how you do and then decide from there on a goal schedule.

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actually my friend has a Freya EVO 90 and let me take off and fly it, said I was a natural at it, I wasn't able to do much but take off, fly forward and basic movements, but I managed to pilot the thing for about 5 minutes and then land it without even chipping a blade.

I am ignoring your "don't jump into it" comments because of that fact - personal first hand experience. The simple fact I could pick up a control I have never even imagined of holding before, get a 30 second instruction of what does what, and fly a copter without crashing it - with successful landing - is enough for me to go for it.

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