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Spektrumizing a JR XP7202

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Has anybody tried to take the "guts" out of a Spektrum 2.4 module and use it to make a JR XP7202 into a 2.4 TX? Since the DX7 is basically a 7202 on 2.4 GHz rather than 72 MHz, I would think that the JR module (DSM2 AIRMOD w/AR7000 JR-Compatible [sPMMSJR7]) could be "opened up" and the "guts" used to replace the 72 MHz RF. Am I looking at it too simply or could this be done?

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Seems feasible to me.

I just found a post by you (http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5721973#post5721973) that shows the JR NET-J72P port pinout. I am still wondering if I took a Spektrum DM9 module for the JR XP9303, could I "hack" it and put it into a JR XP7202 TX and make it 2.4 GHz? If I do this, I would not want to retain the 72 MHz mode. I know that from looking at the "hack" for the Assan module that I would need to cut the three wires that go to the PC board (black, yellow, and red wires located on the center board) – see attached picture. I think that they are: battery +, –, and PPM signal. From your identification of the 5 pinouts for the module, There is MOD (PPM), 6VDC, battery +, GND, and ANT. Would I need to use the 6VDC and the ANT. I would like to remove the 72 MHz antenna and put the 2.4 GHz antenna in its place. I don't know what the other "functions" on that center PC board are and whether I can remove it or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Would I need to use the 6VDC and the ANT. I would like to remove the 72 MHz antenna and put the 2.4 GHz antenna in its place.

I suppose you could use the 6VDC pin if your added circuitry needed 6VDC. You would not use the ANT pin; It is only useful for the original RF module.

I don't have any experience with the DM9 module. So, I really am not the best guy to ask how to hack it into your Tx. But it certainly seems likely that it could be done.

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Here is a post on RC Group where three of us have installed 2.4Ghz modules into our JR XP7202 radios. Bob AZ removed the existing RF board and installed the new FR Sky 2.4 guts in its place. Lrplin installed the unit externally and switched it so that he can use both 72Mhz and 2.4Ghz. And I did a mix of the two and installed mine internally and switched it so I can use both as well. BobAZ did a great write up oh how to do the mod from start to finish and I posted a bunch of photos of my radio. Here is the link to the post, hope this helps


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