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E-sky gyro fault ?

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I have twice had an odd fault while flying FPV with my new Biplane Twinstar with gyro on the ailerons. While flying along level the plane just goes left wing down for whatever reason. The first time full aileron was not enough to stop the left turn and rudder had to be used as well, after a few seconds everything returned to normal. I suspect the gyro so would be interested if anyone has had this problem?

It can be seen here at about 9:05



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Yes my plane is to fly without it next, I'm not sure if its the gyro or the left engine/gearbox at fault.

I fly the plane with both the single and twin wings so the gyro was fitted anyway, it was added to help smooth the aircraft on windy days. It dose have less effect with the biplane wing as only the lower wing has ailerons.



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