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I recently bought a commercial 8dB patch antenna and it had a faulty connector in that the pin was pushed into the connector. With the cost of postage I doubt is is worth going back to the supplier and I would like to have a go at replacing the connector. Does anyone know where I could get some clear instrutions for installing SMA crimp connectors onto a cable? I had a similar problem when I learned to use F connectors. I couldn't find anything and ended up using trial and error, but I think that is not a good idea in this case! B) Thanks in anticipation.


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Have you tried to just gently pull out the male pin a tiny bit so that it can make contact? This is a common problem and that solution has always worked for me. I think the main issue is that some A/V Rx's have very tight antenna receptacles and they push-in the mating plug's center pin during cable installation. So if it has happened once, it may happen again.

If you have to replace the connector then you will need the factory recommended cut lengths (not always available) for the SMA, the correct tool (expensive), and lot's of practice (buy a lot of spare connectors and practice on them first). Here is Amphenol's document that shows the basic assembly details to their various connectors: http://www.amphenolc...nstructions.pdf

900Mhz RF is a bit more forgiving on marginal crimp quality. 2.4GHz RF needs absolutely perfect crimp quality. In any case, with these high frequencies the signal strength is affected by the crimp installation, so you want it to be done with perfection.

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