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I don't know anything about it, but maybe the simpleOSD device would do that and is very tiny (small enough for birds). Plus, they look like they are located in Europe, but hard to tell since they don't list an address.


Or, maybe the EZOSD.


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He PMed me with more details, this time it's for full size racing boats, so space/weight isn't a problem. He wants speed only, no other info / text /graphics at all on the screen, apart maybe from g-force.

I suggested him an IFOSD unit I have laying around and that is capable of all that.

Otherwise actually I think the Eagletree data recorder and standard video OSD and G-expander might be able to do it too (I know you can change the text for each parameter, e.g "Spd" for speed, but I'm not sure whether it can be completely removed, and it doesn't show units).

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I thought he needed it for his special bird mounted application. In this case, I'd recommend the EagleTree OSD since it can be setup to display just speed, the product has excellent factory support, and is sold everywhere. But if you think the IFOSD is a fine choice, then I suppose that is another option.

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