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Lawmate 5V regulator, how much load?

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I asked this same question on RCGroups already, but more input can never hurt. ;) Besides, I like how answers over here tend to be more fact that opinion! lol

I was just wondering if the 5V regulator that's in the cable that comes with the 500mW 2.4GHz transmitter can handled the extra load of a camera as well as the transmitter. I took the regulator out of the plastic housing and soldered my own cables and connectors to it, then covered it in heat shrink, so it's a lot smaller and lighter than before. I've used it to power the transmitter for a handful of flights and it seems to work just great. That was with a 12V camera. I'd like to move the transmitter to another plane with a 5V camera, and it would be nice to use one regulator. The regulator in the plane is one I made using a linear 7805, and it runs about as hot as I'm willing to push it with just the camera. I did mount a little aluminum plate to it to cool it, but it would be much simpler to use the Lawmate regulator if it'll handle the load.

Just wondering if anyone has tried it, or could offer some ideas as to how much load it can handle.

Just to be sure, this is the cable I'm referring to, the regulator is on a little board inside the plastic at the end.


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The little switcher circuit commonly found in these things are usually limited to 1A or less. So proceed with caution.

Keep in mind that as the load goes up, the ripple noise increases. So if it works, but you see noise in the image, just create a supply filter for it.

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