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9dbi Whip or 8 dbi Patch antenna?

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Hi, although i have been interested in FPV for some time now.. today i made my first actual fpv-flight. Well, actually i just recorded the flight. Everthing went well, except that the camera i got is a very poor one.

I am thinking about upgrading my stuff and first of all i will purchase a better camera and a better rx-antenna. The camera is quite simple to choose i think, but the antenna gives me some trouble. I was looking around and found a 8dbi patch antenna and a 9dbi whip antenna.

I am new to this so i would think the 9dbi whip should be better since its got a better gain and receives from all directions, whereas with the 8dbi patch i would need to stay in a more or less wide corridor for good reception.

Am i grossly oversimplifying things and the 8dbi patch would still be better or is the 9dbi whip the better choice for me?

Thx in advance, Jens

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The 9dBi whip will be perfectly useless. Yes it catches 360° horizontally, but that means it needs to reduce vertical sensitivity to achieve its gain. So when flying at any reasonable height above the horizon you'll be out of the coverage range.

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Don´t get fooled with the omnidirectional term at higher gains they are very critical on the vertical plane. Here it´s a simple rf antenna pattern.

You can see that you only have 8º to have the 9dBi, only 30º with 6dBi more than 40-50º you start on the attenuation instead of getting gain of it.


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