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wireless video surveillance - please help

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Hi there,

I wonder if you could help me please. I am trying to put together a wireless video surveillance system to record video of my car. Basically, one of my co-workers has decided to use my car as a favourite means of stress relief and has damaged it 6 or 7 times over the last 18 months (that I know of). My boss told me to let it go, but this just keeps on happening and I have decided that enough is enough and this person needs to be stopped. The company I work for just doesn’t want to know and I have been left in the situation of sorting this out myself, so I’ve been trying to put something together to catch this person out by monitoring my car as it sits in my carpark at work. The problem I currently have is that the wireless cam I bought seems to require constant tuning as the thing heats up and as the battery discharges over the 8 or so hours I am at work. This is the one I got: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.17779

I have already sorted out a laptop and enough battery life for 8hrs in a go to record the video feed.

Can anyone please recommend a wireless cam/battery setup that is cheap, reliable and is also voltage regulated/frequency locked that would be suitable for monitoring 8hrs at a time?

Many, many thanks in advance.

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Sorry, I should have been more precise. This person is using my car as stress relief by occasionally keying the paint, kicking the doors in, or using something like an umbrella to ding/dent the panels. So far it has happened around 6 or 7 times that I am aware of and I really need to catch this person out to get it to stop. The company I work for really isn't interested in helping out and my boss even told me to just drop it because I can't prove anything. I really do need to get some sort of proof and take this to the police. All I want is for this to stop and for a bit of justice.

Can you please recommend a wireless cam/battery setup that might do the trick and help catch this person in the act?

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Thanks for the advice Ron. I'll definitely check out radio shack. Have you used any of the wireless cams listed there and can recommend any in particular?

As far as battery goes, yeah that could be a problem as there are unfortunately no AC outlets anywhere handy.

I've had a bit of luck as to where I can mount it though. There are several industrial AC power plug sockets+switches boxes littered around the car park and as luck would have it I happen to have a spare but broken one which will be plenty big enough to fit a cam+battery set up. There is even some metal trunking opposite my carpark which I plan on mounting this PDL box to and which should give a perfect view of my car.

All, I need to do is work out a reliable cam+battery setup and I reckon I can catch the person in the act.

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I used a 10mW TX and a 14dBi patch aerial on the RX to watch an office for over 8 hours using only a small battery on the TX (don't remember the exact size as it was over 5 years ago). The RX was mounted in the back window of a parked car outside in the car park over 100m away.


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I saw this new system on the shelf at Sam's club today:


Portable wireless camera with integrated battery, nice handheld monitor, 2.4GHz digital spread spectrum (interference free), and low cost.

More details:


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Why not just get a spy cam that only activates during motion and records video/photo to memory card, slap that on the car, heck you could hack it up and put the cam in a mirror. Why make it harder when it can be simple.

Thanks for all of the advice guys, it is very much appreciated. :)

I had thought about using motion detection for capturing the video, but this still requires the camera to be on all the time, so the main thing is to get a camera/battery combination that will last the distance. Also, one problem I encountered when I tested it out was that the motion detection required quite a lot of motion to set the recorder off and by the time it had started recording it was too late, but maybe a more expensive camera system would work better for this. I did some trials with my existing camera and found the only reliable thing was to record constantly. A scratch/key/umbrella on the paint only takes a second and the recorder might not begin recording in time. Fortunately I have enough battery life for the laptop/receiver and can happily run them in the boot of my car.

That Unidem camera setup looks pretty fantastic. Shame it only runs for 4hrs otherwise that would be pretty much perfect.

After searching around though, I did come across this DC-DC converter in the RC-Cam2 project which is very interesting. It looks like the DC-DC converter will step up battery voltage as the batteries discharge and keep the camera going. I think this would be exactly the thing to do the job.

After further searching the forums I found a link to the AnyVolt Micro, which sounds like it would be perfect for allowing me to run the TX batteries longer. (sorry, newbie here. I should have done a decent search first huh). Has anyone used this DC-DC regulator and can give advice as to how good they operate etc?

Does anyone prefer a different DC-DC regulator etc and would care to comment?

Thanks again guys. You're the best :)


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