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Buddy conundrum

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Hi there.

It looks as if UK legislation is going to force me to use a 'buddy box' setup. What I'll want is a transmitter that:

- _always_ uses the headtracker on channels 7&8

- when all is well, uses channels 1-6 from the FPV user's box, but on loss of video, can use 1-6 from the main box.

So when all is well the FPV flyer is in charge and looking around, and when e.g. video is lost, the buddy flies but the FPVer can still look around, so as to take back control ASAP as soon as the video link is re-established.

SO all I need is a transmitter with multiple programmable trainer input scenarios. Oh dear, that doesn't seem to exist.

To make things worse, I'm starting with a Royal Evo 9, so I'm having to use Ch 4&5 to put in the head tracker in the first place!

Oh, and I want that 8th channel, to turn the OSD on & off in flight.

The upside is that I'm using a DT-3K, which is a pretty bright head tracker...

Any suggestions?

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You can do that with all high-end Futabas (9Z, 12FG, 12Z, 14MZ). You can set a different switch for each trainer function if you wish to, so you can use one for the HT channels that you always leave on, and a second one for the other functions.

But I don't see the point of leaving the HT on at all times, as the master turning off the trainer function is only a backup thing anyway (rare). The FPV flyer can live with a fixed centered camera for a few seconds until he's given control again... if he's disoriented it will even be better to give him a good reliable point of view instead of having him lose himself by looking around.

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You've got a good point there - takeover will be rare.

I can use Thomas' clever Evo hack which gives me "Tx pulse train out" even when using the trainer inputs. I just plug this into any transmitter that can be 'Teacher', the dumb sort that just swaps it's internal pulse train for the external one.

Thanks for that!

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