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Ultra micro FPV

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i would like to know if such a system exists, to be placed on a blade mSR or UM-P51 using a DX7 on 2.4GHz

i've found the 2.5 gram wireless camera


but its on 2.4GHz and its above my budget.

maybe a camera that i can take the case off to make it lighter

i also found some running on 434MHz that i cannot seem to find again, it would be nice to receive video with an antenna directly to the TV

although it would be nice but i wont be flying it far away, just indoor, front yard, inspect the tiles on roof...

Thank you


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It would be helpful if you can determine the maximum weight your kit can be i.e. put increasing weights on it until it's not flying as you'd like.

For guidance, a de-cased cheapie wireless CCTV cam came in at 8g...

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