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No-Mo Camera

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Hi, I'm a dog trainer who knows next to nothing about electronics - but I'm interested in buying or putting together a camera that I can use in one of two ways:

1) To take video or, preferably, still shots when it detects a lack of motion rather than the presence of motion or...

2) That can be very easily remotely triggered to take still shots.

The camera needs to be relatively small, sturdy and battery-operated as I plan to attach it to my dog. Hauling a computer with me is something I don't want to do unless I absolutely have to as we'll be hiking together in steep, hilly, wooded areas. He's a great dog and won't go far if I don't want him to, so working distance in a steep, wooded area doesn't have to be huge. 100 yards would be fine though more would be nice.

I have only rudimentary electronics skills and would prefer to buy rather than kluge. I also don't have an unlimited budget.

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