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Oracle and Fox video receiver switching problem

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I got my Oracle video diversity controller a couple of months ago. I have two identical video receivers (Fox?) hooked up to it. These are the 12ch, 1.2Ghz with digital ch readout you can normally get at Innesun, Agepoch or other chinese internet discount houses. I am also using one Goof Proof Patch and one 3dBi whip. I think one video receiver is having problem with the Oracle. Everytime Oracle switches to this rx there is either some noise, banding or dropout in the video. Switching to the other video rx is clean. I have tried numerous adjustment like switching antenna between video rx, switching video outputs, video brightness balancing, doesnt work. Before investing in another rx, is there a way to correct this? Right now I'd rather fly with just a single rx and the GPP than with the Oracle as the video switching is not clean.

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I'm sorry to hear about the receiver problem.

Oracle needs video signals that observe the NTSC or PAL composite video standards. Unfortunately, the A/V receivers made by Fox and other Chinese suppliers are such cost reduced designs that they don't always a provide quality video signal. This is a problem for Oracle because it uses the video quality to determine which receiver to select.

Last year I evaluated several of these receivers and they had poor video behavior. Unfortunately, they do not have internal receiver adjustments to help solve their performance problems. However, as a last resort here are some things you can try:

(1) Ensure that Oracle's video mode matches your camera (PAL or NTSC).

(2) Try setting Oracle to the lowest sensitivity setting.

(3) If you are using an OSD, remove it to see if the problem goes away.

(4) Try every video Tx/Rx channel setting. Due to a weird interaction in the PLL circuitry, some channels have less problems than others.

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