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Star Stryker RCX4

There was a small booth at the CES 2010 show that had a big crowd around it. The fellow there was demonstrating a quad model that had a X-wing style body on it. It was very stable and flew well.


I went back to the booth later in the day (thankfully with a smaller crowd) and captured a video that shows it flying around.
Video from CES 2010: http://www.vimeo.com/8658029

It is really cool. But the suggested $400 retail price was way over the top. The show special was $300. I ordered one just to check it out. It is a complete RTF (charge and fly), with a fancy aluminum case like you get with high end JR R/C systems.

Now that I'm back home I've been able to do some research. I could be wrong, but it looks like it is the same as the new Walkera X-Wing that retails for about $240 (but can be bought from China sources for less). Once I get it I will be able to confirm if it is the same model. I also discovered that replacement parts are a bit expensive for the Star Stryker.

I also came across a blog about the Star Stryker: Click for Blog.

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I received the Star Stryker today. It is definitely a Walkera X-Wing. So I paid way too much for this re-badged version.

My initial reaction from a quick living room flight is that it is about as stable as a Chinese made coaxial R/C heli. Build quality is (how do I put this delicately) very light weight. I get nervous picking it up because it feels a bit fragile.

The aluminum case it shipped in is very nice. So, I just tell myself that I paid $29 for the model and $300 for the case. :)

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