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I have managed to get an X10 camera working with another systems 2.4 GHz receiver. However, I need some help getting the final fine tuning on the VCO of the transmitter board.

I understand that the one trimpot by itself is for brightness.

It seems that I can get it adjusted spot-on, and when the lighting changes, the picture becomes distorted.

Any help is greatly appreciated on this project.




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Are you sure the receiver is compatible? Differences in expected video levels and pre-emphasis curves can make a mess of things.

Well, I can get a crystal-clear picture one moment, and the next day it seems to be a little off, or a lot off. I do have an oscilloscope, but it has a 400 MHz bandwidth. I can only adjust them to where it looks good, but when the lighting changes, it affects the camera.

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A distorsion can be due to an excessive video level leading to an overmodulation. It would be good to check this with your scope and adjust if necessary (one of the pots should be for this).

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