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I am looking at purchaseing a cannon Pro1 digital camera. It can be opperated via a computer. I want to use it for aeriel photography and would like to know if there is any way i can interface the camera to the laptop remotely. there for i can viw what the camera is looking at on the PV/laptop and opperate it.

If this is not able to be done can anyone shed some light on how i can opperate the camera remotely?

thanks alot

kimberley Attwell

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Canon Pro1, are you talking about the big SLR Canon PowerShot Pro 1 digital? That is a big honking camera. If it has a shutter release port on the camera then you can easily trip that, we could make a quick circuit board to do that.

As far as seeing video you can use a 2.4 video transmitter out of the cameras video port to see what it sees. There are also handheld remote controls for this camera that can be hacked and again use the 5th channel to control the remote to control the camera.

There are also possibilities as far as interfacing using USB wirelessly, but I need to research that some more.


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Hi Matt,

Yes it is the Cannon Powershot PRO 1 digital SLR. :)

I think haking the wireless remote for the camera would be better, so then we do not have to attck the camera itself. I have not purchased the camera yet but just want to make sure it would be posible.

To hack the wire less remote would that require a OPTO switch to convert the signal from the reciever?

I am still doing some research myself and if i get any info i will post it. Thanks for the interest.

Cheers kimberley Attwell

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