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Voltage regulator, most likely.

Are you sure you didn't reverse polarity/have wrong voltage?

was using a 3 cell lipo so should have been good, checked polarity when I heard it crackle but it was around the right way. I had been flying in the morning with it and decided to change from funjet to a glider so I powered the vid transmitter up to warm up the casing to melt the hot glue a bit without camera attached but with aerial and it is now toasted. i dont know why it fried, I presumed from no video signal but I thought I had done this before. I have ordered another one but would like to fix this one if possible. Thanks for replying


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A typical VReg IC rarely does that unless reverse voltage was applied. Are you sure the battery leads are correct? Check again.

BTW, it is probably a 7808. If you cannot read the smoked part number then it would be best to check with a working Tx to confirm the part number.

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