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fpv interference

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In my first fpv flight I got some interference (black lines)

My video is:

Setup: 1280mhz, 700mw output power tx with 1/4 lambda monopole homemade and stock rx antenna.

r/c 35mhz ff7, rp8d1 rx

Any idea of what may be causing this?


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Seems a bit worse when you're close in - not so much interference on the picture, rather intermittant loss of frames. It looks like my original setup. I'd put my $$ on multipath interference (the direct signal is interfered with by a reflection 180 degrees (half a wavelength) out of phase), which unfortunately isn't made better by more power.

You could buy or borrow a diversity setup and try two receiver aerials separated in space; I found this sort of problem largely eliminated by my Oracle diversity. You could also try lowering the video transmit power, as that might help a bit.

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