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Need just the right cam

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I am new around here, hope I can find the info I need!

I want to mount a A/V cam in my nitro powered RC monster truck. I have mounted one before (the quarter sized one that runs off a 9 volt and sends to a reciever that plugs to a vcr or tv via an rca jack), but it's not what I am looking for.

Ideally, I would like one that records onboard in a digital format. Weight isn't as much an issue as it is with a plane, so that might help. Does this camera exist? Is it reasonably priced?

I want a quick and easy way to make lots of videos that are easy to upload and using a system that I can transfer from one vehicle to another relatively easily, and would not require me to haul an ac/dc converter and vcr around when I go out to record a video!

Can anyone help?

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Many of the new digital still cameras have an AVI movie record mode. Most store the video on removeable memory sticks. Perhaps that is what you are looking for?

If so, then the Aiptek SD seems to be popular and is low cost

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