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Pteryx UAV

A fully autonomous robot

Unmanned aerial vehicle capable of fully autonomous operation



A fully autonomous robot

Create up-to date maps and photos for your business!

Sold tuned and flight tested.

Just install your favorite camera/equipment in the nose,

attend the introductory lessons and fly.

A joint effort of AerialRobotics and Trigger Composites

Fully custom autopilot and stabilised roll head.

Spacious cargo bay, world's largest capacity among small UAVs.

The smallest UAV that lifts safely a professional camera.

Designed from ground-up for professional, civilian use.

Inexpensive training plane (EasyUAV) available.

Slow, stable flight (40-60km/h),

no electrical connectors, up to 1.5h endurance with full payload,

under 5kg total weight (3.6kg with smaller camera and 25min endurance).

2.4m wingspan.

Possible hand launch up to around 4kg TOW.

0.6-1.5kg payload.

Highest quality fiberglass with carbon/kevlar reinforcements

and durable scratch-proof gelcoat.

Optional bungee launch.

Made and flight tested in EU.

visit www.pteryx.eu for more details

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