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Strobe 2X in Nav-Lights

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Hello friends,

I'm having a problem with the strobe-Nav Lighs I believe to be the easy solution for you but for me very difficult.

I am wanting to connect the nav-lights for a direct on / off switch and a battery lypo 7.4V - 2S - 30C and a 7805 voltage regulator - 5V - 1A, without using the radio (Tx) and the receiver (Rx) .

The land lights, the lights blink 1x guidance and strobes, working perfect. Now comes the question:

How do I connect to the circuit the strobe flashes 2X instead of 1X.

I count on your help.

Since already many thanks.


PS: Sorry for my English! :huh::huh:

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The project instructions provide instructions on how to turn on the double wink feature. It requires the servo signal.

Eureka! Worked.

1) Just connecting the battery to the circuit, strobe lights shining straight.

2) Jump to pin 4 and pin 5 with a 560R resistor, strobe flashes 1X.

3) With a brief short circuit between pins 1 and 4 flashing strobe is 2X. No receiver (Rx) and no radio (Tx).

What a beauty!

Thank you all for your help.

Best regards

Marcelo :D:D

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