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Cypress PSOC vs. Microchip PIC

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Does anyone have an opinion about which of these is better suited for RC projects?

I've done a little bit with the PIC and there is a lot of code available on the web for it. I think all of Mr. RCCam's projects have used the PIC. Good reasons to use the PIC!

A sister team at work is starting to use the Cypress PSOC. It certainly has a lot of configurability in its analog subsytem.

Any opions?

Dave Thomas

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From what I have seen it would not be a good choice for an entry level embedded programmer. But, if you have access to good PSOC tools (emulator, compiler, etc) and can schlep some help from the experienced co-workers, then I say go for it. It would be a good choice for a telemetry project because of its analog features.

I was interested in using the chip a few projects ago. I just could not justify investing in another set of tools to do so.

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