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RSSI Pin location, RC-CAM2 receiver?

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Hi again Mr. RC-Cam, and thanks for all your help on previous projects!

I was looking around your site and I see the RC-CAM 2 transmitter looks identical to the old Radio Shack system I’ve been playing around with.

I’d like to “try” to put together a diversity receiver system and remember you saying I should use the RSSI port.

I was wondering where the RSSI pin is located on the old style receiver or if it even has one? I read your X-CAM FMS page but I’m not familiar with all the X-CAM revisions and didn’t know if the pin would be in the same location on my receiver.

Thanks a million!


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It's probably in the same place. I have a feeling that all the Xcam receivers use the same sardine can RF module.

You will have to condition the signal since it is actually the AGC in the Rx's RF front end. The FSM project shows how I did this.

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