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bit switch with pic10f204

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hey guys

im trying to build a bit switch but i have only acces to a pic10f204 and not a pic10f202

i was wondering if can use that pic instead of the one you guys use

i asked the same question on an electronics forum and they told me i had to put this near the start


but to edit the code i need the .asm file

whats your thought on this subject?

can you give me the .asm file or is there any way to convert the .hex file into a .asm file

have you guys ever tried the build a bit switch with a pic10f204

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The comparator disable code is already in place. The memory space on the 10F204 is 256 word. The 10F202/F206 is a 512 word device. The code may not fit (have not tried it).

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I don't have the free time to review the code to see if the ram locations and other resources will be compatible with the 10F204. So please use the 10F202/206, as recommended in the project text and the downloaded readme file. If you are interested in trying the 10F204 then just burn one and see what happens. Might work, might not.

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I`m trying to build all so a bit switch. I`am not very good in electric stuff thats why I`m only buying parts and my friend will make from them a bit switch.

So now I have both all the parts except pic10f202/206. The question is which one schould I buy from this list?



I need that the chip will be with 8 pins and not small in the size.

Something like in the picture.

Thank You!

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