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Toshiba PDR-4300 Shutter Trigger

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I've decided to get a camera that had a NTSC out so I can get previews of my photos before I take them using a video TX.

After looking around I found a Toshiba PDR-4300 at a very resonable price. I then started to take it apart to see if I could make a trigger for it similar to the Sony DSC-U20.

The only thing tricky about removing the case are 2 screws behind the mode selector. You need to pry of the cap of the selector with a screw driver. Below it are 2 screws that will allow you to remove the selector knob.


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Once the selector knob is removed there are 2 screws below it that hold the plastic top. These need to be removed to get to the pins of the shutter button.


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The two pins closest to the edge are V+ (3.2V).

When you press down lightly for the focus it shorts the two left side pins together. When you press down all the way it shorts the pins on the right side together.

There are many places to find a ground, but I found the center pin of the on/off button to be the easiest to solder.

So you need to solder 4 wires.





Then using V+ and ground to power the PIC you keep the focus and shutter pin low. Make the focus pin high for about half a second and then bring the shutter pin high for about a quarter second and then bring both back low again.

You also need to periodically bring the focus pin high and then low to keep the camera from going to sleep.


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This project is based on Mr. RC-CAMs Sony project.

Thanks to MR. RC-CAM for showing me how to go about this.



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