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I have a 500mW 2.4Ghz transmitter and a 900MHz 200mW transmitter.

Here is a picture of the connectors that came with my 500mW 2.4Ghz TX transmitter


and here is a picture of the connectors that came with my 900MHz 200mW transmitter.


I'm looking for a device like the one on this transmitter that has pins for connecting the power and video,


here it shows the battery and camera connected.


I don't have a camera, but want the video feed to come from the AV out on my digital camera. It uses a standard yellow RC plug for composite video (I don't need the audio).


If anyone can point me to where I can acquire the electronics and cables to accomplish this it would be much appreciated.


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Yes, that dpcav.com 2.1mm barrel power cable will plug into your Tx's power connector.

I think you will find that most of us here are involved with model aircraft. So, light weight and high reliability are required when we install the wireless video system in a R/C aircraft. To achieve that we cut off the bulky cables and make custom cables using our favorite connectors and more flexible wires. This requires experience soldering/wiring the circuitry, so it is not recommended for everyone. Some FPV shops sell customized cables, so check with your Tx vendor if you are not able to create your own.

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