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Simple 'center' for head tracker

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Hi there.

I am using head trackers with a Multiplex Evo 9 tx. Not simple, but it does work... and I love the Evo for flying aircraft, it's just for FPV that it's a pain.

Anyway, I'd really like to be able to have a simple 'in-out' switch for the Head trackers I use. They all kick out 2 channels of ppm (pan, tilt) somewhere convenient in a multichannel train. So an easy solution would be to switch between the tracker and a pulse train that is just 8 centered channels i.e. 8 x 1.5ms pulses in a 20ms train.

Someone's going to suggest a PIC, I just know it!

Chip, example code?

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If you need something that allows the headtracker pulses to appear inside a standard PPM frame then I believe that one of the Chinese mag headtracker makers has something like this at low cost. Unfortunately, I don't recall the exact details or where I saw their gadget. But, there are only a couple Chinese sources, so that should narrow down the search.

Or maybe I don't fully understand the problem you are trying to solve. Either way, I am sure a PIC would fix it. :)

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Why can't you simply release the trainer switch?

Release that, and the inputs are re-assigned to the controllers on the box

- Channel 5, "Spoiler", which you _can_ leave centred, untouched - no problem, but

- Channel 4, "Throttle", which I'm using to control the throttle, so it isn't centred. Or at least it isn't when the motor is safely off.

It comes down to the maddeningly-limited options for training inputs on Multiplex Transmitters... and they claim the Royal Pro 12 is the successor to the Profi 4000: Pah! I know, I should buy a FF7. Alternative, just switch between the head tracker and a 1.5ms pulse train.

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Doh! Memory error - I was filing some old paper (remember paper?), and discovered this old Micron Radio encoder schematic - should do the trick!


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