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Since a few years I own EVG920 video goggles (RVISION from rangevideo). Everything was fine until last week when suddently the picture faded to light grey / white.

This happened during a FPV flight, fortunately I was on the way back home !

Now this problem occurs all the time, usually after a few minutes when the goggles are "cold", and after a few seconds when they are "warm". A simple power cycle will restablish the picture.

This problem is not rare, I have seen other people complaining about it on other forums, but no fix for it.

Here are the goggles we are talking about:


I have checked all the cables (for broken wires when folding the glasses), and the voltage regulator is okay and provides a steady 3.3V to the video board.

- Do other people on this forum have experienced such a problem ? Did you find a fix for it ?


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just in case you're still in trouble with those goggles, I've seen this on other goggles as well. As far as I found out, it's a connection problem inside the Kopin module itself. The actual LCD screen connection to the flat ribbon cable gets bad with time. Though all seems well when the module is cold, as it heats up, the connection gets loose and the electrical levels on the LCD start fluctuating. This results in a huge brightness shift, and contrast reduction, which ends up in a white screen.

So far I have not found an easy way to fix it. You might be successful in opening the module and find out if you can locate the exact location of the loose connection by pressing and bending specific spots. Only do this at your own risk, and if the warranty period is over!

Good luck,


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