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Anyone have pinout for 900Mhz video reciever RF can

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There are countless Comtech tuner clone knock-offs and a variety of pinouts are found on them. So, post a clear photo of your old tuner and label each wired pin with the voltage you measured on it. That way we can figure it out.

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Being like Scarlet O'Hara I depend upon the kindness of others. Luckily Gary Evans

has done the same mod and had the prescience to take a photo. Thanks so much Gary.

I think they keep the ribbon cable standard so they can include whatever RF deck is

cheapest that week.


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The receiver seen in the photo is an authentic TR-1500 (not a junk clone) and the PCB & cable on this model has been the same for several years. But, I have seen three different tuner modules used in it. Glad you got the transplant installed.

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