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Trying to figure out why I'm not getting any range on a small BW 500mw 2.4ghz lawmate 5v TX. I tried to guage current draw, and it's almost nill, around 100ma or less. Only run on 5v, Still getting a clear signal when very close, but 20 ft is about the limit. I can't figure out what I did to it, but it also dosn't seem to get warm like it used to. Is it posible to blow the amp end of these without blowing it up all the way?? I asume it's a brick at this point, I know BW dosn't sell these amy more, anyone with a hot tip as to who has the best price??



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Ah well, thanks for the replys, I am looking at replacing it with this:


Which seems to have the same frequency set as my older BW diversity rx, or possibly this :


Which seems to be the same unit, but with a mic and power board built in, but would only work on ch 3. I find it odd that the same unit would be sold with 2 different frequency sets, but I supose since there are no crystals, it's all up to the programing.

Anyone have a difinitive answer as to in audio will work with these?? they seem to have audio carriers at 6 and 6.5hz for stereo, but I can't find a spec on the lawmate RX,

I am mostly looking at these units because of this artical:


Which states that the output dosn't sag with heat unlike the lawmate, and they are capable of 1w (30 db) which would be nice.

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