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Sorry for posting something that has probably already been laid out a hundred times. But, I don't have much time to research the different set ups and I'm sure there's a seasoned pro out there that has paved the way. I have a Cularis and want to get a good setup with video and auto pilot. What do you suggest?



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If you dont have much time Eric then this is the wrong hobby for you. As has been asked many time before it all depends on many factors. EG. what country are you in? do you want to stay 100% legal? what quality of video do you want? what range do you want? what type of flying will you be doing? will you have a helper to point your RX aerial? do you want head tracking pan and tilt? what functions do you require from your autopilot? what is your skill level in electronics? how much are you prepared to spend?

Sorry but its a how long is a bit of string question, ask 10 members here and you will get 10 different answers as we all fly different planes and have different requirments.


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