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FY-20A: Video or Still Camera Stabilizer?

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Being a curious lad, I took my spare FY-20A 3-axis stabilizer and experimented with it on my camera Pan & Tilt. Just some observations for those that are curious about such silly things:

1. The tilt axis behaved nicely since that direction has a accelerometer sensor on it. From what I saw, I seems like the FY-20A did a decent job here.

2. I don't have roll axis control on the pan and tilt (such as some commercial still camera systems would use), but that axis should work as well.

3. The pan (yaw) axis does not have the advantage of the accelerometer sensor trickery. It is essentially a rate gyro in this application. So, the FY-20A is mostly useless for this direction.

Sorry, no photos or videos to show. Just some simple observations to tweet. :)

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I found an example of all of these musings on YouTube:

Im still thinking of using it on my heli gimble but my quad experiments come first

Be sure to report how it works out for you. BTW, I hear that the FY90Q (consider it a FY-20A with integrated Quad mixer) is being released for beta testing.

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