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I am trying to record my flights using a JVC GR-D70aa Camcorder. My camera system is a KX-121 camera purchased from BWAV and the TX is a 800mw from ebay. The camera system works o.k.

The problem I have is when I connect the receiver straight into the video in on the camcorder I only get a black and white picture on the LCD screen(also records black and white).

If I hook the camera up to the T.V or a 7 inch LCD screen the colour is fine. I have tried connecting the camcorder to the video out on our tv and then the colour is fine on the camcorder and I dont have the black & white problem.

The camcorder is definately set to video in and I have tried connecting it straight into the receiver but had no luck.

Any help would be really appreciated as I am going mad trying to sort this.


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