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Finally I have something to contribute to the forum even though I'm a newbie :-)

I've been searching for a good SIM to learn flying quads and pretty much NONE of the leading ones have a quad in them.

Finally I found a simulator that has quads: aerosimrc.com

it is actually quite good for what I will want to do as it has FPV and even support for shooting video and photo.

it also supports head motion attachment so you can move your FPV camera with head motion on a simulator.

It has a couple of quads in it already and the guy who made the software (Manuel) just told me that the next version of the software will have.. drum-beat.... GAUI Quad. (i.e: it will simulate specific GAUI characteristics ).

I'm still waiting for a SIM to arrive with a connector for my radio.

But there is a fully functional demo available for download that allow you to fly for 2 mins with any USB connector.


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