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Amplifier for FM 72MHz R/C transmitters

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Is there any amplifier developed to increase range for FM 72MHz transmitters?

This issue came to my thoughts since the range for FPV video flying is growing up each day. How to reach 5000 feet or longer if my 72MHz transmitter signal may not follow this video signal range?

On the other hand, if I stretch 72MHz transmitter range, I might be susceptible to far interference from other eventual aeromodellers.

My interest on rising this discussion is because I intend to use new DSR technology from FMA Direct with their brand new FS8 72MHZ receiver and Co-pilot on my heli. This 8-channel FM receiver and flight stabilization system promises to reject any spurious interference from other radios that might be using the same frequency. If that is true, than I might increase my 72MHZ transmitter range using FPV video flight technology with more reliability.

I would appreciate a lot to read your thoughts and comments.

Regards from a far and lovely place (Brazil). ;)

Roberto Carlei.

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There are amplifiers out there that will amplify 72mhz, not to hard to find if you do some looking. I will do some searching later today when I get back.

Since you are in brazil I don't know the laws there particularly, but in the USA the most wattage we can technically output even with a amateur radio license is 1 watt. If you read the manuals for our radios most quote that they put out approximately 1 watt, they never say 1 watt.

What I have seen a number of people doing to get some more range out of their radio receivers is to run a ground wire directly opposite their active antenna on the receiver. It should increase your receive levels.

If you weren't go to be using the FS8 for your stabilization I would tell you about the spread spectrum control system that we sell at www.auav.net. It uses 900 or 2400mhz for control link and with correct antennas can go well over 5 miles. If you want to spend a chunk of change we can make the system work better then 30 miles line of sight. But since you are using the FS8 with the co-pilot incorporated in the receiver it is much harder to use our control system.

Matt Klarich


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