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Help finding SMT voltage regulator

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So about a year ago I bought a VSN505 camera, knowingly ordering the 5 volt version as it isn't as noisy as the 12 volt one. I didn't install it in anything until

recently, and up to this point all of my video transmitters and cameras have been 12 volt systems. To make a long story short, I stupidly forgot my VSN505 was a 5 volt

camera and just hooked it into one of my 12 volt wire harnesses. Sooo, I found only one visible burned part on the board, which is a 3.7 volt LDO voltage regulator.

Manufactor part number is S-1131B37PD-N4WTFG. It is available at digikey, but only in orders of 3000 or more. Obviously not an option. Anybody know where I can find

this regulator?

Here is the link to the Digikey page:


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Seiko Vregs are difficult to buy and the HSON-6 pkg makes it even more troublesome.

This one is close, but the pin-out is wrong:


If you run out of ideas then perhaps you can improvise and use a 3.3V LDO device in different package. With some effort, you could dead-bug it onto the board.

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Thanks for the reply and ideas. What about finding another product with a Seiko vreg in it I could steal? Any ideas?

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