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900Mhz & 2.4 Ghz Diversity Video Receivers for sale.

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For Sale:

- 900Mhz Video Receiver for sale:

4 channel w/ Dual video / audio outputs

$60 +shipping

- 2.4Ghz - 8 channel True Diversity Receiver with BNC video output on front.

(12v input via DC socket)

includes 1x 3dBi & 1x 5 dbi whip antenna (pictured)

$150 +shipping.

- 2.4Ghz - 8 Channel Receiver - with internal battery & charger / power supply.

$65 +shipping

- 2.4Ghz - 8 Channel Receiver (no internal battery)

$40 +shipping

- 2x mini 2.4 Ghz Receivers one modified with BNC output.

2.5 mm (4pole) outputs (cable not included)

$50 for both!

(paypal payable)

Andrew J.





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