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Remote Camera Project

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Hello everyone,

I am new in this forum i know but i will stick for a very long time here as i love to do DIY's.

I am currently doing a project which consist of having a remote control moving my camera up and down , right and left & trigger (so 3 channels)

Transmitter part - Encoder > Crystal Oscillator

Receiver Part - Receiver > Decoder

i Plan on replacing the 2nd part of the circuit (oscilattor) with a 20mS / 50Hz 555 timer multivibrator design (newer and less complicated) , will it work?

Now i am stuck on understanding how is each channel components is calculated and what does the transistor do to get the shot and transfers to the next channel.

What does the diode do?


Thank you very much everyone, detailed help will be awarded with paypal money ! (ntg is free ;) )

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