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live feed with onboard recording?

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Ok....I'm brand new to all this FPV stuff and it is making my head spin.

I realize that I have some learning to do so here is my first post and

my first question :)

I have a finepix Z10 point and shoot camera that I take aerial pics and video with.

I just start the video, or set it to take pics every 2 seconds and send the plane up,

hoping that I get some good shots or vid footage. It would be nice to have live feed

on the ground to see and control what I am shooting.

Is this possible with a point and shoot camera??



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Yes indeed, you have 2 options.

If there is a live feed output from your camera you can use this for you video TX or you can just mount a small cctv type camera to point the same way as your main camera.

I use the second metheod but the choice is yours, but have there good and bad points.


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