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RCST. How does it work?

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I found this forum while doing a search for a servo tester.

The RCST project is very interesting in that it reads a potentiometer from a digital i/o. Is it possible to learn more about this program? How does it generate the pulses? Is it possible to have the source code to learn more? I am new to pic programming.


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The RCST source code is not available. However, servo pulse generation is a popular application for microcontrollers. You should have no problem finding a variety of published projects that will help you out.

Regarding reading a Pot from a digital input, all you do is read the time it takes to charge the capacitor to a logic high threshold. It's the same method used by the POT instruction found on the Parallax Basic Stamp board.

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Thank you for your reply. I will do a research on servo pulse generation.

Regarding reading a pot, do you mean that first you set the input to a logic high, and then check its value within a loop?

I didn't know that one you could actually set a logic input to a desired value.

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