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Which is (in your opinion) the best/most affordable quadrocopter of these two?

1. Stability

How do they behave in the air? (Hover drifting, affected by wind etc.)

2. Efficiency

Flight time and payload? (With a 5300mah lipo battery for instance.)

3. Shopping

Easiest to buy and ship to/within EU (Sweden to be more specific), customer service and spare parts. What is the best and cheapest online store for international purchase? (I have only found the x720 at wowhobbies.com, and the shipping-cost there is about 100 usd without insurance to Sweden).

4. Setup

What do I need to do/buy to make it fly? (Assembly, purchase charger, receiver and transmitter etc.)

5. Features

What features and modules are available/included? (Such as battery-safety, gps / altitude and position hold)


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