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DVR 808 Car Key Spy Camera issue

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Hi, I recently purchased one of those Car Key Fob Spy Cameras from ebay. Everything was working fine with it until the battery ran out and needed charging, problem was it would not charge. I tried pretty much everything to try charging it. I left it plugged into my laptop for an hour and it was still dead when I came back. I am not totally sure which version of the key cam I have but it films in 720 x 480 at 30fps (not sure this will help. Here is the ebay item number anyway if you need a closer look: 290549083615

I hear that a red light should show when charging, is this the same with all these types of car fob cameras?

I actually ended up destroying the battery inside the key cam so I have purchased another, again it is working fine, I expect it is fully charged - I have just received it this morning but am waiting until tomorrow to film what I want to film. I am worried that as soon as the current battery supply runs out this again won't be able to be charged like the last one. I have recorded a 1 minute video using it which I would expect to have sapped a little amount of power (enough to make it charge when plugged in) but there was no red light.

I just wondered if anyone has had the same problem? or knows other ways of charging it?

I understand their are 'dodgy' versions of these about, maybe I have purchased a few :S. But to me I expect they are all made in some poorly run Chinese warehouse as they only seem to be available on ebay? If there are legit versions of these cams who was the original company who made them and is there a way I can purchase directly from them? Whenever I see reviews of these cams on youtube they never arrive in a professional looking box they always arrive in a tacky box or just some bubble wrap so I am not totally sure any are legit. Its just the luck of the draw what you get isnt it? I understand there is a thread which lists suitable ebay sellers and may have to try them if this one does not charge. Although I did try to find if any retailers were selling this camera online and found one which is apparently made by a company called Zennox. You would expect that it would be legit when it has a company name on it and its being sold by a proper retailer, here is the link, do you think this is worth going for: My link

Well that will probably be a last resort if I can't get it to charge, any advice on how to charge it will be appreciated. Thanks.

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