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Top RC-Gun AWS pic12c509a check

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I programmed a few pic12c509a chips with IC-Prog and a jdm programmer (PIC-PG2B) All chips programmed ok with, aws_v1_4.hex file and seem to work on breadboard. I only checked the fire response. My question is are these pics ok to use? I do not understand the wdt fuse is put on the burnt chips when it's unchecked on loaded file to be burnt. When I looked up Watch Dog Timer it talks about fail safe but I can't quite understand. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watchdog_timer Just want to be sure it's safe to use in the air.Thanks Mike :)



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The WDT is not used in this design. So before you burn the chip you must uncheck the WDT fuse in your programmer's fuse settings.

The good news is that you don't have to trash your PIC's that have the WDT enabled. That is because the firmware was written to ignore the feature in case the builder programmed the PIC with the WDT enabled.

Long story short, if the Combat PIC works on the bench it will work in the air.

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Thanks Mr.RC-Cam for the good news about the pic's

Glad the firmware was written that way.

Funny thing was I had the wdt unchecked as shown in first picture, when you load the hex file it automatically has

wdt and mclr boxes unchecked and cp box checked. So IC-Prog or my programmer must not work right. Just downloaded newer

verson of IC-Prog and checked the pic's and no wdt on them. Guess I need to be up to date. :D Thanks agan Mike :)


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