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Dont upload videos of your illegal flying !

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I got this email from Simon Dale of FPV UK today.

Dear All,

A week or so ago I had a call from Peter Gardner who is an Investigation Officer with the CAA's Enforcement Branch. He wanted to come to meet me to discuss FPV. We arranged a meeting for this morning, which I have just come out of. He is investigating what seems to be a breach of the law shown in a particular video made by a particular UK individual. He described the video to me, told me the person's screen name and showed me a still of the person's face taken from one of the videos. (I will be attempting to contact that individual privately).

This clearly answers a few questions; Are the CAA watching? Do they care? Will they investigate? Will they prosecute? From what Peter was saying the answer to all of those is yes. Whilst they have a "light touch" policy, and they don't intend to "spoil anyone's fun" they will pursue clear breaches of the law.

To avoid a knock on your door from an officer please be aware of this and fly safely and responsibly within the rules set out in the Air Navigation Order. Where videos appear to show anything other than 100% compliance with the rules (even if they are staged/ edited to look more "daring" than they really were) please keep the videos private (Vimeo allows video to be posted with a password).

Best regards

Simon Dale


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