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GP Patch for super long distances

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I am looking build a 900MHz GP Patch antenna and connect to a 1W radio modem (AC4490-1000M). This is to talk to a GPS sent up in a high altitude balloon. In theory the distance could be 25-35 miles. I would have a GP Patch on the ground as well for receiving. Any reason to think the GP Patch could not handle this?

I have read about people using a L-com patch panel antenna to do this with success. And the GP Patch seems to have about the same specs (50ohms, ~8dBi). But not sure if I'm overlooking something.

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For situations like this where both antennas will pretty much always face each other but will turn, I think I'd rather use circularly polarised antennas.

I'd worry more about having a 1W 900MHz TX right next to a GPS receiver though. That's rather likely to jam the GPS.

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