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Delay for RC retracts

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I have servoless retracts from Hobby King: Servoless Retractable Landing Gear Front (Steerable).

Is there any way to slow down the travel on these ? A servo-slow module won't work because these are not proportional servos.

Please let me know. Thanks much, WT Jones at: wtjones8@yahoo.com

I am trying to change the circuit board but I don't think this will work. Maybe if I can lower the voltage input to the motor this should lower the speed of the motor.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

My email: wtjones8@yahoo.com


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Keep in mind that a resistor on the motor is a very primitive solution; It is prone to problems if the mechanical load changes and it reduces servo torque. The only reliable/practical solution I know is to use a servo slow on a proportional servo.

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