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Hi all,

Bumped into a guy called Steve at my site a few days ago and it looks like he has got me hooked on FPV.

Got plenty of models and mostly electric. All RC kit is 2.4, I want to avoid (if poss) going back to 35meg

I have read up a little on FPV and it seems that in the UK the choice is either 2.4gig or 5.8gig. As I would like to use a 2.4 radio I guess the only setup for me is the 5.8, however, there seems to be an issue over the range of the equipment and what can be used (low/high power)

What sort of range will 5.8 give? I don't intend to fly out of sight will 5.8 be ok or will I be diss-appointed with it quickly? I was looking at the set up

Hobby King set Up


First Person View

It seems to be the more I look into this the more I get confused. I am looking to start low cost and add other bits as I go along (GPS-OSD etc)

Any help would be appriciated.

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Hi ?

The 100mW 5.8Ghz system is NOT legal in the UK but we have the most restrictions of anybody and most ignor this as the chances of problems are slim.

100mW will give reasonable results but you may want to upgrade the RX aerial as you find you want more range.


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Thanks for the info Terry, I will make sure I don't order the 100mw system, honest, <_<

Is Hobby King any good for ordering from? Its just that they seem to be so much cheaper than UK suppliers. I would love to order from the UK but the prices seem to twice that of Hobby King's

I have been into aerial videoing for a while and while I don't want to spend too much I do understand the "You get what you pay for" principle. Just don't want to rush into making the wrong choice of equipment, or getting it from the wrong place.

Old FlyCam One footage.


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Yep everything is more restricted and more expensive in the UK. Be carefull tho as import duty and repacking fees (after they rip your package apart to see what it is) can tip the balance back.

Stuff from China seems to get through with no problems most times but not always!!

Buying bits and bobs from various places to make up your own system is the cheapest way but much more work.


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