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mirroring / flipping upside down a live feed

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I just bought my first wireless system, but it's not actually for an something radio-controlled. I'm making a helmet with a built in LCD (as a heads-up display), that will be receiving a video feed from a camera with a angled perspective from a above. It's for a student project, and I'm actually hoping that someone might know of a way to mirror and possibly time-lag the video between either between the camera and the transmitter, or the receiver and the LCD.

I thought I could possibly just plug it into a laptop and run the video through software that would distort it. But since cameras might get mounted upside down/off-axis in rc cars/planes I thought there might be a more compact way?

Thanks a ton for any info.

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In the old days you could swap the deflection yoke's connections on the CRT to mirror the monitor's image. Nowadays that is not possible, but some modern cameras and monitors have a reverse/mirror video feature available on them. But I've never seen one that could flip the video upside down.

Time lagging the video requires sophisticated processing. A PC or DVR would be needed.

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