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Oktocopter help - touched down in about a foot of water

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I'm a fairly new pilot with an oktocopter.

unfortunately, did not get to the hold switch in time and touched down in a bout a foot of water.

what are my first steps for salvaging as much as possible.

took the batteries off immediately and dried as much as I could with a towel.

plan to take as much of it apart now and let dry overnight.

few tips from you guys would be really helpful.



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(1) Remove everything that got wet from its enclosure. If it is in shrink wrap then cut away the plastic to expose the electronic circuitry. (2) Rinse everything with distilled or deionized water that is available from a grocery store. This is an important step because it helps remove the chemicals and salts. (3) Towel dry the items as best you can. (4) Place each item in its own bowl that is filled with uncooked white rice. Allow the rice to absorb the moisture for a couple days at room temperature. (5) When they are completely dry you can cross you fingers and test them out.

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